Categories in which we reward

Digital Transformation

The nominees in this category have achieved outstanding success in developing an organization into one that uses new technologies, digital processes or an innovative culture. These changes could involve companies, offices or institutions. Their subject could be technological infrastructure, but not only. It could also have been a change in organizational culture, building an open and flexible environment with a focus on the digital, global economy. In this category, the focus is on process, not return on investment. This category applies to representatives of organizations with a long tradition, not startups.


The winners in this category promote digital competencies, teach or create educational projects. Through their educational activities they support the process of changing thinking about the importance of technology or future competences in the modern economy. Nominees may also promote Poland in the world in the use of digitization and new technologies, implement or encourage new solutions in the public or private sector. Winners in this category most often work in the education sector or public administration sector. Many of them are innovators in the field of educational programs.

Innovations and Technologies

This category distinguishes individuals who create organizations based on an innovative product, service, or application of new technology. In turn, individuals who implement innovations have caused their organization to function in a completely new, innovative model today. Outstanding scientists who commercialize discoveries in new technologies may also be nominated. Many nominees have the courage to scale business globally and build the Polish brand in the world.


Nominees in this category have made significant investment rounds or transactions in the TMT/digital market, raising capital for companies they own (or manage), providing capital to such companies, or by acquiring companies in that market.  Nominations may also be based on transactions involving smaller amounts, provided they were material or otherwise valuable to the market. Transactions justifying nominations may involve organizations at any stage of development. Nominees may include both the providers of capital (investors - natural persons, or key persons in organizations, responsible for a given investment in the case of legal persons) and persons supporting such processes (in particular - advisors). "Business angels" may be nominated in the case of confirmed involvement in more than two transactions in and providing ongoing support to companies. Persons connected with acceleration programs may be nominated in the case of confirmed financing of subsequent rounds of companies supported within the framework of these programs.


The person nominated in this category has years of experience. He or she opens up new, often innovative areas for the organization or the state. With exceptional personality and ingenuity, he or she outlines and anticipates the trends of tomorrow's economy.