Categories in which we reward

Digital Transformation

The Winners in this category have achieved outstanding success in transformation and digitalisation of their company. This category applies to leaders who use digital technologies to transform company, office or public institution. They could introduce e.g. new technology or service infrastructure. They could also change organizational culture or create an open and friendly environment in order to successfully compete in the global economy. This category is reserved for leaders of companies with proven business record, not start-ups. In evaluating the nominees, Digital Academy focus on the process rather than on the return on the investment.


The Winners in this category promote digital competencies and create educational initiatives. Through their educational activities, they support the process of changing thinking about the importance of technology in the modern economy. They also promote Poland in the world in the area of digitalisation and new technologies, implement or encourage the use of new solutions in the public sector. Winners in this category work in the education or public administration sector. They are innovators in the field of educational programs or propose new way of thinking in education.

Innovations and Technologies

The Winners in this category create companies with an innovative products, services or based on new business model. They design the most important technologies of the future in Poland. Winners, by introducing and implementing innovations, have caused their company to operate in a completely new model. This gives their companies an edge and ability to scale the business globally and build the Polish brand abroad.


The Winners in this category provide necessary support and financial resources to young entrepreneurs and companies. Their offer is dedicated to investments in technology companies at various stages of a business growth. These are the people with at least several years of investment history, as well as having experience in exits from the investments or subsequent financing rounds (follow-ons). The Winners may be responsible for specific investment or they could be Chief Investment Officers (CIO) of the investment funds. The Winners could also be business angels. However, they could be given the Digital Shaper award under the condition of their involvement in several projects with confirmed investment track-record. The Winners in this category may also be persons involved in business acceleration programs. However, they could be named Digital Shaper only if the companies they have supported successfully obtained financing in subsequent financing rounds. Additionally, Winners in this category should support the development of the Polish companies on a national, european or global level.


The Winners in this category are business veterans. They create new business opportunities and also build competencies of the future. Their unique personality and creativity help them foresee the trends in the digital and technological economy of the tomorrow.